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August 2013 archive


This is what my week has looked like…
33/52/Life - Packing Up.

Oh, and this.
33/52/Portrait - First shot of our new home.
It’s the first shot of our new home! The pantry begged to be painted blue. 🙂

It’s official and everything, got the keys on thursday…

Excuse me while I continue packing now. More photos coming soon, but the moving truck is coming Tuesday morning, so I need to be ready!


We were getting ice cream with my parents and sister in a shopping area by our house when we walked past this wall. A wall I must have walked passed a hundred times and never gave it a second thought, and suddenly it hit me. Thomas’ hand was on that wall. Something we participated in over 8 years ago when he was a sleeping infant in the pottery shop.

Forever frozen in time.
So tiny. So long ago.

32/52/Portrait - Thomas Paul, 8 years later.Thomas, of course, doesn’t remember, but he read his name immediately and insisted on posing alongside of it.

There are many things that I look forward to in the new house. I always say how nice it will be to have our own mailbox, on our own property, and not have to walk to get mail any longer.
32/52/Life - The real reason we walk to the mailbox everyday.Truth is? I will miss it.


This week’s life photography theme was pretend.

Here’s the setup…
I am playing with the kids at my parent’s home. Hide and Seek. Marcus runs and hides in another room. I walk in to the room he’s hiding, look around and announce. “Hey, I can’t find Marcus, I wonder where he could be?” He lets out a giggle, and responds, “Shhh. I in the box.”

Here’s the photo…
31/52/Life - "Shhh. I in the box."

While we are on the topic of pretending, I’d like to show you the runner up for this week. I know it’s something I don’t usually do, but I couldn’t help it.
Feigning fear from the fearless.
I titled this one: Feigning fear from the fearless.
. This girl is so brave, and yet she acts so well. She was determined to cross the monkey bars today, screaming in half joy/half scared out of her mind all the way. Speaking of which… since Marcus saw her finally go for it; he couldn’t help but get in on the act.

31/52/Portrait - "I'm doing it!"
He’s as strong as Molly is fearless. He didn’t make it across, but he hung on for a good while. I’m sure every time we visit the park, this is the first thing he’ll head to now. Quite determined; that boy is, indeed.