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May 2013 archive


This was a week of exploring, wilderness exploring to be exact.
Wilderness Explorer!

The kids had a great time and Molly did her fair share of mouse spotting.
21/52/Portrait - It's a mouse!

And while it’s good to be adventurous, it’s always better when you bring along a friend.
21/52/Life - Everything is better with a friend.


We are road tripping again.

It always amazes me how the simple motion of a car can cause so much peaceful silence…
…and how a simple paper and pencil can cause so many joyful smiles.


Life’s full of little reminders this week. 🙂

Like when Molly declared her first tooth fell out at 9pm at night, I had to remind the tooth fairy to come for a late night visit.
19/52/Life - First Tooth Fairy Visit.

And when today we were at my Mom’s house smelling the new fuchsia we bought for her new porch? I was reminded that I just happen to know the two most beautiful ladies on the planet.
19/52/Portrait - Smelling the flowers.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Today, it felt like a little spring decided to… well.. spring here in Colorado.
18/52/Life - Space Exploring with Buzz.

The kids played out back riding their scooters, while Marcus was excited to ride on Buzz’s spaceship again. The noisy, button pushing, light up, buzz animated sit on rider.
All the tempting buttons.

You may remember it from his first birthday?
I am Buzz Lightyear - 365, 66

Oh yes, it is still one of his favorites. 🙂
18/52/Portrait - Rows and Rows