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December 2012 archive

I color!

Today, Marcus decided he was in a coloring type mood. 20121228-173345.jpg
Seems like that sorta thing is going around in my house.

20121228-173354.jpgI may have purchased some more paint to aide in that. Photos to follow, I’m sure.

That’s a wrap!

Why would the clumsiest, loudest Santa in the history of man think it was a great idea for Elfie to wrap the kids doors with their coordinating Santa present wrapping paper??

… I can think of three really good reasons.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve brought family presents for the kids to open, well, Elfie brought them I suppose. My MIL’s presents were a huge hit.





By days end, our Christmas tree was full and Santa still has yet to arrive.20121224-230955.jpg

The kids decided to leave cookies for him anyway. 😉 Couldn’t hurt, right?20121224-231006.jpg

Precious moments.

20121223-204601.jpgWith only two days left, Elfie brought sun catchers for the kids to paint. They even decided to decorate grandma and grandpa’s Christmas presents with them. These certainly are precious moments.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

This is the second Saturday morning that Elfie did something for Marcus alone, as the kids once again were feeling better and spent the night at grandma and grandpa’s house. 20121222-121404.jpgDaddy, ahem Elfie, had this one covered as he she knows two things about Marcus; that he loves any moving vehicle and last time the car track was a hit, so trains totally seemed like a natural next step.

20121222-121416.jpg Too bad there isn’t another Saturday before Christmas, as we could have completed the trifecta. 😉 Oh well, there’s always next year!

Stringing up the popcorn.

20121221-225947.jpgMolly told Elfie last night that she’d like her to gather all her stuffed friends downstairs to the living room for a Christmas surprise.

20121221-230012.jpgShe was more than happy to accommodate, complete with movie accompaniment and popcorn.

20121221-230116.jpgThis time, however, the popcorn was not to eat, but to string up to decorate.

20121221-230248.jpgThe kids had watching Frosty the snowman, and they made some pretty impressive garland while they were at it too.


What we did 5 days before Christmas.

Today was another awesome day in preparation to the fun and joyous day that is December 25, otherwise known as Christmas. Elfie visited again this morning, building snowman in a bowl.




…and then we made yummy cookies, and after that I completely rearranged my living room, having to take down all the decorations and put them all back up again. What? Everyone doesn’t do that 5 days before Christmas?

20121220-204954.jpgWell, my friends, you are missing out. 😉