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The Molly Touch

The Molly Touch - 365, 348
Molly added her personal touch decorating cookies at Grandmas house today.

Aunt Marta… Look away now.
Aunt Marta... Look away now.
…by doing this to every one she made.

Snow Bunny

Snow Bunny – 365, 345, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

We played in the snow today. I’ve been waiting for it to melt, but since it’s staying around, we figured we’d might as well take advantage of it.

I had a photo or two of Marcus, but the poor guy does NOT enjoy the cold, so they are not too happy and I didn’t have the heart to post them. (I gave him an extra hug right after I wrote that.) 😉

So, for your viewing pleasure this evening, I offer the continued Molly Fest. 🙂

Molly Fest

Molly Fest – 365, 344, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

Sorry for the current ongoing Molly Fest, but when she sees me take my camera out she just starts to ham it up.

Just had to pick this one today. 🙂 Promise I’ll try to get one of the other kids tomorrow.

Key word: TRY.

Little Comet Tails Holiday Photo Contest 2011

How do you celebrate your holidays? Sewing quietly by the fireplace? Singing carols in your PJ’s? Well, Little Comet Tails wants to make it a little bit merrier by offering up a chance to become the featured photo on our main website. (Have you checked out lately? Yeah, Halloween is sooo 3 months ago!) All you need to do is take and edit a photo (860×250) of an item you made with any of the Little Comet Tails patterns in your favorite holiday setting. As you can probably tell, including a cute baby in your photo will not hurt your chances of being featured!

The winning photographer will receive a placement of their entry photo on the main website of Little Comet Tails, along with a little feature on Facebook. There will also be three (3) runners up, each winning their choice of any one (1) Little Comet Tails pattern. All photos entered may also be used in Little Comet Tails promotional material.

Photo must show only items made with Little Comet Tails patterns as the main subject.
A baby or young child wearing a Little Comet Tails diaper/pants/dress is not necessary but acceptable.
Be sure to come up with and include a clever tagline for your photo.
Have fun with it, the more unique the better!
Limit five entries per fan.
Please be sure that your entry is exclusively your work and doesn’t infringe on the rights of anyone else.
Entries are only accepted through Facebook. Emailed or Snail Mailed photos will not be considered.
Winners must sign a release form & provide Little Comet Tails with the unedited high res JPG version (at least 1290×375) of the winning photo to receive their prize.

Little Comet Tails will exclusively be judging the winner of the contest. While “liking” is permitted and encouraged, the “likes” however, will not determine the winning photo.

Grand Prize (1): Entry photo featured on the main Little Comet Tails website from December 15th, 2011-January 15th, 2012 and a profile feature on the Little Comet Tails Facebook fan page.
Runners Up (3): 1 Little Comet Tails pattern shipped via first class mail.
All entered photos will be included in a holiday photo album on the Little Comet Tails Facebook fan page.

Entries must be submitted to the Little Comet Tails fan photo album by Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 at 8am MST. Winning photo will be announced on the Little Comet Tails Facebook fan page by Wednesday morning, December 14th, 2011.

Bec0me a fan of Little Comet Tails on the Little Comet Tails Facebook page.
Go out and be a shutterbug!
Upload your edited photo to the Fan Photo Album
Anxiously await the results!!