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February 2011 archive

Weaving Traditions

potholdin’ – 365, 48, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

Thomas is very interested in all my knitting and crochet and wants to help. For as much as he does “help”, he’s not yet able to make something completely on his own.

I remembered making potholders when I was little and looked up a loom kit. With minimal help, Thomas made his first today! (I’m not sure who was more excited.)

Just because it hardly rains in Colorado…

just because it hardly rains in Colorado… – 365, 47, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

We bought umbrellas in California. Not because it was raining, or because we actually needed them, but because well, they’re fun. 

Today was a beautiful 70 degrees. We went on a bike ride and played in the playground. Once the sun set the kids asked if they could go outside with their umbrellas. Sure, why not?

They didn’t actually want to go outside, they pretended it was raining in the living room. 

Relaxing Day, again ;)

relaxing in bed – 365, 46, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

Something happened in Thomas’ brain yesterday that all of a sudden enabled him to figure out how to read almost any number up to 100. I think he totally deserves a brain break after that one. 🙂

We played with our moveable alphabet and he watched “Word World” on his iPod Touch.

Totally his choice and a completely relaxing day.

the long haul home – 365, 43

the long haul home – 365, 43, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

When we travel with the kids in our car whether we end up on the east coast or the west, I always get the inevitable, “You drove from Colorado with three kids in that??”
Don’t knock our 2005 Scion xB! It’s actually pretty roomy (okay, so it’s no Honda Odyssey, but with two Radian 80’s and a Combi Coccoro we can pull off three across). Add a cooler to the back that we plug in to our cigarettesque lighter plug and viola! A lovely home on wheels.

(Oh, and when the kids get antsy, pulling out my iPad certainly doesn’t hurt.)